Friday, December 14, 2012

Remember the Fudge

Remember that one time I said that I pour my fudge into a pan lined with tin foil? Remember how I said it makes it sooo much easier to take out of the pan?
I found something even better.
Parchment paper. Do it every time now. It is more expensive than tin foil but you can re-use it :) and it doesn't leave little squiggly lines on the bottom and outside edges.
Parchment paper + fudge =
 Awesome, smooth, pretty and delicious.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Whenever I go to Costco I buy ham. I buy two packages and separate it into 4 baggies. We go through ham pretty quickly cause Zac likes his "ham-burgers" but freezing them ensures that we don't have anything go bad. I used to just freeze the pieces how they came packaged, flat on top of each other. This meant some more intense thawing time or the microwave if I didn't notice we needed a new bag out.
So, once, I tried rolling the individual pieces.
I'm never going back. 
Even when the ham is frozen it's easy to pull out one rolled piece.
This rocks. It does take a tad bit more time in the initial phase but is so worth it.