Monday, November 19, 2012


So, I make a lot of the bread that we consume. Whole wheat bread, rolls, bread sticks, pizza dough, bread stuff. I love having homemade bread things for dinner but baking them while cooking dinner is so stressful. So, I'm sharing an AWEsome trick I learned when I was younger. You can make your bread in the morning, or the day before, form it into loaves or rolls, whatever, and then stick them on the pan, covered with saran wrap, in the fridge. This prevents them from rising. This means I don't have to worry about timing the rising of the bread just right with when dinner will be ready. BEST thing ever! It makes for super yummy, homemade meals and less stress :)
One time I tried a whole wheat roll recipe. It was good but I still like white rolls better.
I used Active dry instead of Instant yeast. So, this is the initial rise.
Punched down! I LOVE doing this part!
I grease my pans with butter stick wrappers. I like it better that way.
I stuck the rolls in the fridge and took them out several hours later and this is what they looked like.
 This is after they warmed up and rose.
I used half of the dough to make a spaghetti braid for dinner. Though I didn't adore the whole wheat rolls. This was awesome with whole wheat.