Monday, January 28, 2013

Keeping Tights Tight

I love organization. I hate when things don't have a place. I also dislike when things are in their place jumbled with everything else that belongs there (Read: Sock drawer). I keep my tights with my socks. I keep my little girls' socks with her tights. They always seem to come unrolled. I hate it. One day a while back I found my solution. Basically, you tie the tights to themselves. Sounds complicated but it's not.
First, you fold the tights in half so that the legs lay on top of each other.
Second, you roll up the tights, starting from the waistband, leaving a bit of the toe portion unrolled.

Third, you take the inside leg and pull it out from inside the roll making sure to leave the outside leg rolled. Then wrap the inside leg back around in the other direction.

Fourth, you tie the two toes together in a simple knot.

Lastly, you're so happy because your tights stay organized, presentable and pretty.

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